2 Excellent Programming Languages You Should Expertise In for Brighter Future

Development in the programming field asks for expert support. And programmers of today are most sought after when they have expertise in any new programming language that is just launched in the market- because of the features and benefits it can provide. The modern programming languages have become more advanced and make use of the CPU and processing power at its best to generate great results.

Research by IDC predicts that there will be 27.7 million programmers around the world by 2023. Therefore, to land a job in this competitive era, it has become crucial to possess skills that your fellow programmers or developers don't have. And this is the right time to start learning the industry-best modern programming languages that have a promising future to give your career a skyrocketing boost.

2 Modern Programming Languages that Promises the Golden Future

Here are the 2 best modern programming languages that are included in the top 10 programming languages leaderboard worldwide. Any newbie developer can decide to start off with anyone of that and learn to grow their career in the upcoming years.

1. Rust

C/C++ programming languages give control over the programming hardware and support excellent programming. However, they lack memory safety, unlike Java. But developer Graydon Hoare answered the developer's need by delivering Rust programming language. It provides excellent support for software programming as it combines the outstanding features of C/C++ and Java.

Why Rust?

According to Stackoverflow's recent developer survey, Rust ranked as the most loved programming language among all, leaving Python behind. The wide popularity of Rust among developers is because of the features it offers. Some of the noteworthy features offered by Rust are:

  • It includes memory safety and concurrency safety to deliver excellent results.
  • Rust is a very fast programming language as it performs better and faster than C++.
  • It offers support for Web code through WebAssembly.

2. Kotlin

Enterprise software development world is where Java rules all other programming languages. Because of its extremely powerful JVM (Java Virtual Machine), it has become one of the most recommended languages. However, the common problems that developers phase when they use Java are surprising complexities, boilerplate coding, and more. But to answer these problems, Kotlin is developed, which generates the best results in fulfilling the constraints.

If you are an Android developer and have been using Java for many years, now you need to switch your preference towards Kotlin because Java language is repetitive in nature that makes coding lengthy whereas Kotlin is a more simple and modern programming language so that it could be easily understandable by freshers. For instance, if you are occupied with the project to create an app like Gojek for the services industry , it eliminates repetitive code and works perfectly with Java. Programmers can easily create new modules with the help of Kotlin and it will work well with all applications and software.

Why Kotlin?

Kotlin offers many features that make programming easier, just as Python/Go programming languages. Moreover, as it supports easier native Android app development, the commendable features of it contribute to making it one of the best programming languages that will rule the future Android app development market:

  • Kotlin produces a clean and concise code that increases app productivity.
  • Kotlin runs on JVM, and hence, developers can choose to use huge Java library support available.
  • It is an open-source programming language and receives enormous developer support.
  • Very popular Java enterprise framework, Spring also includes support for Kotlin as a programming language.

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Summing Up

There are plenty of other programming languages that demand your support and attention. Languages like Go, Scala, Typescript, and more rank higher than Kotlin and are very famous. Learning according to industry trends benefits you by helping you gather knowledge on the topics that will become extremely popular in the upcoming time.